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Eater Tracking: Limon Almost Ready to Make Its Comeback

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The Mission: Over a year ago, Valencia Street's Limon suffered a debilitating fire. Since then, there have been some significant stumbling blocks with the insurance company, but after what was originally expected to be a very short hiatus, the Peruvian fusion joint is finally nearing a return. For the most part, the original concept and menu will remain in place, though given the current economy and the success of the dirt-cheap Limon Rotisserie down the road, the pricepoint will be lower than before. On the other hand, the interior (see below) has reportedly received a full facelift and is completely new. If all goes to plan, the original Limon should be open in three to four weeks.

A quick glance at the (unfinished) interior:

· FireWire: Limon Forced to Shutter For Renovations [~ESF~]


524 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 415 252 0918