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Funny Business: Comedy Club/Resto Planned on Van Ness

Van Ness Corridor: While the wine industry flounders and quotes Led Zeppelin, the comedy circuit is apparently blossoming, as a new comedy club is in the works at the ritzy Don Lee Building at 1000 Van Ness. The Examiner sprinkles in a few opaque details on the project in its piece on the city's "thriving" comedy scene, namely that it's going to be called Holly's, will be located on the mezzanine level of the landmark building, and the plan is to provide entertainment until 4am (good luck with those permits). Here are more details:

In addition to the comedy club angle, there's also going to be eatery and nightlife aspects. The project will actually span two floors: on the first floor will be the ticket booths and all kitchen operations. On the second floor, there's going to be a full-service restaurant and a bar/lounge area. Between those features and the expected "cabaret" stage, the entire second-floor area will be a sizable one—nearly 5600 square feet—and will be the obvious centerpiece of Holly's. Though it's highly probable that this could be a red tape nightmare, the working date is currently "before Thanksgiving."
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