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EaterWire: Alice Learns About Fish, La Boulange Protested, Warsham Returns, Bourdain's Encounter, More!

ALICE'S UNIVERSE—Just in time for Shark Week (which begins this Sunday!), Alice Waters has finally decided that perhaps she shouldn't ravenously crave shark fin soup, according to a press release from the Humane Society. There was no mention of her prior love for the food item, or how/why it took three months to change her mind. Here's looking forward to her bold stance against eating pandas and condors next week. [SharkWire]

UNION SQUARE—Be advised that Scott Beattie, the cocktail master best known for his work at Cyrus, will be guest-bartending at Cantina tonight, starting at 9pm. [EaterWire]

NOE VALLEY—Good ol' NIMBYs, keeping the city safe: according to NVB, that proposed location of La Boulange on 24th Street is already under protest from the neighbors. [NVB]

THE MISSIONGourmet weathered a 90-minute wait at Flour + Water, but still had raves for the Mission newbie: "The simplest pasta, an herbed fettuccine swirled with brothy chanterelles, was the most stunning, though a two-pocketed ravioli (half corn purée, half braised oxtail) was a conceptual rival. Our two large pizzas...were superb." [Gourmet]

SAN FRANCISCO—The Daddy brings word of the latest pop-up restaurant to hit town: GraffEats, a roaming operation run by Blair Warsham, chef/owner of the shuttered Tinderbox. [UD]

NEW YORK—Trying to sum up Anthony Bourdain's brilliant story of running into Sandra Lee at a movie premiere would be a futile effort; it needs to be appreciated in full. That said, here's an excerpt: "I'm pretty sure, judging by the vestigial ectoplasm on my jacket that I was sideswiped by pure evil ... I turn and find myself looking straight into the deceptively attractive and reasonable looking face of Sandra Lee ... Now, I've said some unkind things over the years about Sandra. Far too many and far too terrible things to ever apologize for. Plus, I pretty much meant every word." Please read the entire tale. [Bourdain]

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