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A Moveable Tweet: The Latest from the Industry Twitterati

It's time for the latest edition of A Moveable Tweet, wherein we take a look at the best and most awe-inspiring tweets from local and national restaurant figures.

@KELLYCHOI: "Stay with me today, I will tweet you what I'm seeing!"

@ruthreichl: "Watching a wild turkey strut awkwardly across the lawn, moving exactly like a camel. Strange and wonderful creature."

@Rdlewisjr: "I can't front: I can get down with some Legos. Loved'em since back n the day."

@GaelGreene: "Something terrible has happened 2 Dial soap, our bath bar for decades. Suddenly it's melting away, shedding gooey slobbers. Who can I tell?"

@ChefRyanScott: "Top Chef challenge has already started. 30 min late, Jamie's car broke down, all crammed into one car, Fabio is on stage without us."

@7x7bitsbites: "sucking on a cafe au lait See's sucker between sips of coffee and thinking, you know, See's is really great. (sd)"

@RaviKapur: "Beretta is the industry clubhouse"

@janetunks: "The denizens of the Chronicle's worm bin are feasting on Dapple Dandy pluots and Barefoot coffee grounds this morning."

@KELLYCHOI: "Tweep! Tweep!"

@AnthonyStrong: "@ R storage space, always so creepy, thr should be plastic lining walls n floors for off-ing people. Should bring new cooks here 2 scare em!"

@jbonne: "when the fog sweeps in @ low level around 445p, i get that Stephen King shiver."

@basquechef: "I just hang 2 cured ham in the restaurant. The other that I'm making will be ready to hang in 5 months."

@tablehopper: "totally blowing shit up with cypress hill at tablehopper HQ right now. flashing back to living in LA in the early 90s. crazy times."

@ChefChiarello: "-wow the judges are kicking my butt!!! Time to throw a holy Mary!!"

@KELLYCHOI: "Moo moo squeak squeak"
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