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'BucksWire: Mariposa Branch to Revamp, Try Green Guise

The Mission: In the wake of the Seattle Starbucks that has reinvented itself as "non-Starbucks," it seems that something is in the works for the 'Bux on the corner of Mariposa and Bryant. Once upon a time—i.e., the last time Starbucks tried this stunt—this address was home to the Fauxbucks called Circadia, so the spot already has a look/layout unlike most others. For the most part, the coffee giant is staying mum on the changes so far, but the location will shutter for a "remodel" this Saturday, and reopen as a new environmentally-green version on August 8th, whatever that means. However, despite rumors to the contrary, all Starbucks branding will remain (unlike the Seattle location), but with Coffee Bar up the street doing everything this new "neighborhoody" Starbucks wants to do, isn't it cute how the little guys are now the ones troubling the big corporations?
· Starbucks offers first peek at its not-a-Starbucks café [Seattle Times]