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EaterWire: Zuni Adjusts Too, Julie's Supperclub Gutted

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HAYES VALLEY—Even stalwarts like Zuni have had to adjust to the times, and so far, Judy Rodgers has fared well: "Rodgers 'gambled big time' to improve the restaurant [with the renovations], and it has paid off ... she has also cut operating costs by closing at 11pm rather than midnight mid-week because customers (everywhere, it seems) want to eat out earlier." [FT]

SOMAJulie's Supperclub was forced to close a few weeks back when it lost its liquor license. A Folsom Street tipster passes along word that as expected, Julie's is down for good: "[A]ll tables, chairs, and fixtures gone. The 3 old original (from the first Julie's) 50's columns in the bar area remain and a small part of the original backbar. That's it. The rest is all gone." [EaterWire, previously]

THE UKGordon Ramsay finally admits that he's had Botox, courtesy of Simon Cowell's, um, Botox doctor, and who would've figured Gordo has low self-confidence? "I mean, I know I've always had a face like Freddy Krueger, but more and more people were commenting on my chin ... I mean, f***! 'Anyway, I was getting a complex for the first time in my life, so I did it. Botox. A jab here and one here. And no one has f****** noticed." [Daily Mail]

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