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The Shutter: Levende Lounge, Metro Kathmandu

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Signage shuffle in progress at Levende.
Signage shuffle in progress at Levende.

1) The Mission: As scheduled, the five-year-old Levende Lounge called it quits this weekend, making way for Coda, slated to arrive August 1st (read all about "San Francisco’s hottest new restaurant and jazz club" and fine dining venue right here). Levende's East Bay location remains open, but did anti-Levende neighbors in the Mission really resort to throwing eggs at patrons? [EaterWire]

2) Western Addition: Another planned transformation got underway on Divisadero with the closure of Metro Kathmandu. The city's finest Himalayan eatery called it quits on Saturday, and the revolving door of the space will continue to continue: the replacement will be a Californian cuisine restaurant by the name of District 5. [EaterWire]

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