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EaterWire: Anti-ABC Site Launched, Ame Wednesdays

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SAN FRANCISCO—In response to the Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control's recent crackdown, a new online movement called Stop the War on Fun has been born. The mission statement reads thusly. Cue the dramatic voiceover: "[The ABC] has declared war on fun. Without your help, California's live music clubs and nighttime entertainment will die." [via SFW]

SOMA—The next round of special Wednesday dinners at Ame has been announced and includes nights like this week's Shojin Dinner and next week's Tiki Dinner. The three-course menus are $55 and include beverage pairings. [EaterWire]

LONDON—Pardon the non-local coverage, but this closure seems somewhat significant: "Tatsuso, a Japanese restaurant with a reputation for being the most expensive in London, has become the latest victim of the financial crisis and been forced to close." [WSJ]

HEALDSBURG—The ridiculous/brilliant Murphy-Goode dream job contest for the "Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent” position is coming to close, and 2,000 applicants later, it's down to the final ten. Sadly, there are no local reps ... stupid LA has three. [EaterWire, previously]


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