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EaterWire: Bruno's Dinners Wind Down, Dog Dignitary Dies, More Shuffles at Urban Tavern, More!

THE MISSION—Just a reminder that there are only four nights remaining of Good Evening Thursday, the makeshift restaurant in the upstairs Pussycat Lounge at Bruno's in the Mission. Come August, she's a goner. [EaterWire]

AMERICANA—95-year-old Oscar G. Mayer, namesake of the signature weiner company and third of the three generations of Oscar Mayers, has passed away. And in the middle of the hot dog trend at that. [AP]

TWILIGHT ZONE—This is not fiction, we swear; just unadulterated cuteness: earlier today, the California Culinary Academy hosted a little girl named Catherine Ralston, who instructed CCA student chefs "how to make her winning treat using the EASY-BAKE Oven." Who said culinary school was a waste of time? [EaterWire]

UNION SQUARE—Well, the Chalets found themselves a chef to fill the open position. Thing is, it was Urban Tavern's Mary O'Neill, meaning the Hilton restaurant will be forced to undergo yet another chef shuffle. [Scoop]

TWITTERSPHERE—Reason #502 why Kelly Choi is no Padma. Via @KELLYCHOI: "So question!! Some peeps are following me. But how do I see all of these peeps?" [Twitter]

[Photo: Bruno's]

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