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Eater Hall of Shame: Restaurant Websites With Auto Music

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In the past, San Francisco restaurants have been at the forefront of ground-breaking movements like offering filtered in lieu of bottled water and using sustainable ingredients. Now, as we near the end of the 21st century's first decade (that was fast, right?), is it too much to ask that restaurants and bars eliminate autoplay music from their websites? If it's essential to include music, it should be done in a manner that leaves a clear option to turn it on, not off (see Gitane and Supperclub for two fine examples of this).

So, inspired by the Appeal's plea, we've taken the liberty of solving the problem ... by shaming the violators into submission. The following San Francisco destinations are all guilty of automusic. By no means is this a complete list, so do send in your findings and the list will be updated accordingly; naturally, offending venues who resolve the issue will be removed ASAP. The list:

· 1300 on Fillmore
· Amelie: Handsome Hank & Lonesome Boys, Black Hole Sun
· Bar on Church
· Bistro Jeanty
· Bix
· Blowfish Sushi

· Bruno's: "Instrumental: Imperial Hip-Hop"
· Circolo
· Cliff House
· David's Delicatessen (Ok, um, this song is not, ahem, entirely bad.)
· Delfina (note: only crowd noise)
· District
· Fifth Floor
· Infusion Lounge: Infusion Lounge, vol. 1
· Laszlo
· Level III: "Music By Meditation Man"
· Pinkberry: froyo rap
· Tarantino
· San Francisco Magazine

Make a difference: submit your additions in the comments or to the tipline.

Crucial update, 7/17/09: See for here for an update on the deletions. Here are the new additions:

· The Alembic
· The Ambassador
· B44
· Bambuddha Lounge
· Bubble Lounge
· Catch: bubbles count
· Chez Panisse: do soft-lens intro movies
· Conduit
· Harry Denton's Starlight Room
· Joe DiMaggio's
· Koi Palace
· L'Olivier
· Maria Maria
· Rouge: wow
· Swirl on Castro