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EaterWire: Cortez Shuttered, Sonoma's Top 25 Restaurants

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UNION SQUARE—The latest Top 100 restaurant to meet the shutter is the Hotel Adagio's Cortez, proving that even in tourist season, some downtown hotel restaurants might be having a hard time. The restaurant's sisters, Ramblas and Thirsty Bear, are "holding their own." [BauerBlog]

SONOMA—The PressDem has named its 25 Top Sonoma County Restaurants for 2009. At the top of the heap, Eloise—which is receiving lots of attention these days—gets honored as the rising star, and many of the usual suspects are on the list as well: Cyrus, Farmhouse, Madrona et al. [PD]

TELEVISIONSandra Lee, reacting suspiciously well to being dubbed "pure evil" by arch-nemesis Bourdain: "He needs to have a cocktail and lighten up...I would cook him a yummy, mommy comfort food meal." [EMD] [Photo: Flickr]