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SF Chefs Recap: The Phenomenon That Is Hubert Keller

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A full recap of the SF Chefs festival is on tap later today, but first, a moment to discuss Hubert Keller. Rooms may have stopped when demigod Thomas Keller strolled in, and the paparazzi got in a tizzy when Gavin Newsom appeared, but the man of the hour was Hubert Keller, who epitomized (and embraced) the role of celebrity chef/rock star this weekend. Smiling throughout, Keller was everywhere—judging competitions, doing demos, posing for photos with groupies (pictured, obviously), and most notably, taking his turn as DJ Hubert on the turntables (video proof below). But the best moment, as seen above, might have been when fellow chef Roland Passot donned a wig to impersonate him. Soon thereafter, a ticklefight erupted between the four-star Frenchies.

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