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QuinceWire: New Deal Dependent on Bakery Approval

Pacific Heights: Yesterday, Grubz astutely pointed out that a new liquor license application had been filed by Jeff Banker (Home) to take over Quince's current Octavia Street location. With Quince's big move to Mythland looming, everyone's been wondering what the Tusks will do with the current space, so here's the story as it stands today: the Banker project—with a DBA of Brown Butter—isn't a done deal yet ... by any means. The liquor license app was just an early move; Banker's plan is to have a restaurant upstairs and to install a bakery downstairs. But—and this is the big contingency—the deal is dependent on getting approval for that aforementioned bakery. The day of judgment is apparently tomorrow, and sources say that approval is definitely not a given. But if it does go through, you'll probably want to make a resy at Quince in, oh, the next month or so. Stay tuned...
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