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Bourdain's SF Episode, or "Good Head Comes Along Every Once in a Great While"

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The long-overdue SF episode of No Reservations finally descended upon national airwaves last night. As it stands, just about all of Anthony Bourdain's destinations were plotted out on the Eater Map of his SF whereabouts from the week of March filming. The Mission was revealed to be a terrible slum, a city cop vented about the Broadway Strip shitshow, and Giada giant head jokes were made, all while Oscar Villalon, August Kleinzahler, Chris Cosentino ("respected caporegime in the hoot and snout mafia") and the Sebo guys got some time in the limelight to share local delights and make man-jokes. The conceit of the episode—the over-seriousness of the Alice/locavore movement—definitely wore thin at points (how many times did TB follow the pattern of "I thought this would be annoying, but it's actually good"?), but overall, from the filming to last night, a really enjoyable hullabaloo that won't happen again for a while. And one that is sure to blow up some spots (looking at you, That's It Market) and inspire plenty of martini-drinking this week.

· Pirate Cat Radio: maple bacon latte
· Tadich Grill: hangtown fry, martinis
· Aub Zam Zam: poets, hippie bashing, martinis
· House of Prime Rib: beef zeppelins, Jersey love, martinis
· Ferry Building: Saturday market, tamales
· Oakland Taco Trucks: to debunk Oakland's "bad elements"
· Sebo: Cosentino, sperm sacs, sake, fish head (which led to the title joke)
· That's It Market: big sandwich, Giada giant head jokes, new crowded Mission spot
· R&G Lounge: fried crab, asking policeman about police chases, martinis
· Incanto: head-to-tail dinner, Harold McGee, Ravi Kapur
· Red's Java House: cheeseburger, Alice Waters antidotes, hammering home the point

· Eater Map: Bourdain's San Francisco Whereabouts [~ESF~]
· Bourdain's San Francisco Episode to be Inspired by Bullitt [~ESF~]


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