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EaterWire: Bar Tartine Countdown, Action in the Marina

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2009_07_bartartine.jpgTHE MISSION—As the Chris Kronner era looms at Bar Tartine, SF Mag's Scott Hocker points out that there are only a few nights left to sample Jason Fox's unique cooking before the chef switch goes down. The last day of his menu is this upcoming Saturday. [EaterWire]

THE WORLD OF SCIENCE—Everyone knows that fast food makes you fat, but as it turns out, fast food actually makes you stupid too. This actually explains a lot. [The Awl]

THE MARINA—An unnamed, soon-to-open restaurant in the Marina is looking for a head chef. It's described as a "contemporary take on a classic American bar & grill" and will include "one of the largest" American craft beer lists in the cit. Might Bin38's Jones takeover be ready in a month? [CL]

UNION SQUARE—For the rest of August, all diners who show their Julie & Julia ticket stub at Grand Cafe will get Beouf Bourguignon for half-price, $13.50. Suffice to say, eating traditional French food at a French brasserie is much better than the Hawaiian option. [EaterWire]

LISTICLES—GQ has released its list of the ten best food trucks in the country, and somehow, Spencer on the Go is the local representative, for this dubious reason: "You can snack vigorously for less than ten bucks or enjoy a three-course meal for about $25." [GQ]

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