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Moveable Tweet Special: Fieri's Fanbase Is Big, Interesting

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In lieu of the regular Moveable Tweet feature today, we examine the people encouraging some of the more, ahem, prolific food-related Twitter feeds. While Kelly Choi tells the world about inspecting her own pee, local celebrity Guy Fieri has taken to using terrible new words like "kewl" and "skool." But who exactly is encouraging this type of behavior? The thing is, as any demo at a food festival will tell you, Rachael Ray and Giada draw ten times the crowd as say, a Colicchio. The Food Network, she is a beast. Let's take a closer look at some of the fans who are egging on Fieri's regrettable internet behavior.

Would Alice approve of a Guy Fieri youth uprising?:

Wat time is da Twittervention gonna be?

But hands, down this one gets the spelling bee prize:

Seriously, someone explain the use of "kewl." It's not even shorter than "cool":

Napa, your thoughts?

Actually, this might not be half-bad:

End of story!

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