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EaterWire: Four Barrel Freebies, Yao's Fave, Silent Auction

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THE MISSION—The San Francisco Street Food Festival is coming up this weekend (8/22), and in addition to the star-studded lineup on Saturday, there's a silent auction that's already underway. Among the events offered: hang with Jamie Lauren, butcher a pig with Ryan Farr and more. [EaterWire]

MISSION TERRACE—Jackson West uncovers Chinese giant Yao Ming's favorite Chinese restaurant in town, and it's not located in Chinatown or the Richmond. Rather, it's apparently Beijing Restaurant on Alemany. Also, this is a splendid photo. [NBC]

THE MISSION—This Friday marks the first birthday of Four Barrel, and to commemorate the anniversary, the coffee joint is offering free beverages, cake and ice cream, while supplies last. [MM]

FERRY BUILDING—The LAT's piece on the Ferry Building was reading just like any other out-of-towner piece on the Ferry Building, until the part about a singing waiter at Tsar Nicoulai Caviar's cafe. [LAT]

TELEVISION—Superchef Eric Ripert and his olive oil voice will be on Letterman tonight to talk about his new show Avec Eric. Here's hoping it's as good as last week's Conan/Ramsay bit. [~ENY~]

[Photo: Yelp]

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