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Eater Inside: Lake Chalet

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And so the day across the Bay comes to an end in the same place it started, Lake Chalet (and we didn't even get a chance to discuss the city's most exciting restaurant in Commis). As is evident from the photos, Lake Chalet and its 450 seats are divided into several distinct zones, plus a banquet wing and a private dining room, both which artificially boost the seat count. In actuality, Lake Chalet doesn't seem all that imposing. Designed by CCS Architects (Perbacco, La Mar et al.), the restaurant features three distinctive dining areas: one at the entrance, one upstairs called the Pump House (which also has its own bar), and the 80-foot bar overlooking Lake Merritt. In due time, the outdoor dock—complete with gondola service—will be furnished with 120 seats, its own bar and a BBQ station. Further reading on the East Bay's newest can be had right here.

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