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Spotted: Absinthe to Open Comstock Saloon on Columbus

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North Beach: Witness the scene at the corner of Columbus and Pacific, where San Francisco Brewing Company is in the process of being sold to Bill Russell-Shapiro, who is probably better known as the proprietor of Absinthe. The early estimate on the ownership changeover is three months from now (Absinthe says the lease isn't finalized yet), there's a full liquor license in the works (and catering too), and the name of the place will be Comstock Saloon. The corner space has a long history, dating all the way back to 1907, when it first opened as the Andromeda Saloon, eventually becoming "the last standing bar of the Barbary Coast." And now it's becoming a saloon again. Do we sense a cocktail list from ye olde times?

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