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BOOM: Bacchus Group to Help Rejuvenate Aqua

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Financial District: The rumor was first floated a few weeks back, and now there's confirmation: in a bold move, the Bacchus Management Group (Spruce, Village Pub, et al.) has been brought in to restore Aqua to its glory. Bacchus won't be "taking over" the troubled institution in the traditional sense, so don't expect Baccqua or AquaSpruce. Rather, the group has been assigned by the courts to be the administrator for the Condy estate; in other words, Bacchus will work with the existing team to preserve—and hopefully, rejuvenate—the Aqua institution. Given the tradition of the restaurant (Morrone, Mina, Manrique and the rest), Bacchus has agreed to assist in getting Aqua back on the tracks. Here's hoping the big move is the game-changer needed to save the troubled two-star Michelin spot, because simply put, it would be a shame if SF lost Aqua to the times.
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