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EaterWire: Cane Rosso Coffee, Ice Cream Menace, More!

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FERRY BUILDING—Be advised that Daniel Patterson and company commenced morning coffee service at Il Cane Rosso today. They're now brewing Blue Bottle, just like Blue Bottle next door. [EaterWire]

BROADWAY STRIP—A judge ordered Heaven strip club to be shut down immediately on grounds of being a public nuisance, and also for hookers. You do hate to see that. [SFA]

AMERICA—One of the dumber articles in recent memory sheds light on an epidemic sweeping the country, as moms all over equate ice cream trucks ... to predators. This so-called ice cream menace threatens children in these confusing aught years. Says one mother, “I want Katherine to have the full childhood experience and all. But it’s really predatory for be right inside the playground like this.” [NYT via ENY]

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