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Top Chef Vegas Preview: There Will Be Blood

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When the three San Francisco cheftestants—the guy with the scarf (Mattin), the girl who can't open clams (Preeti) and the catering lady (Laurine)—make their debuts on tonight's Top Chef premiere, they get thrown directly into one of the challenges normally left for later in the season: the mise en place relay race. The relay race is always one of the best challenges, but in a summer where Top Chef Masters already recycled every memorable Quickfires, maybe it's time to conjure up some original ones for the sixth season, right Bravo? In any event, Wolfgang Puck threatens to throw someone in a fryer, Tom Colicchio is wearing a vest, and blood is already drawn. Vegas, baby.
· Top Chef Season 6 Contestants Revealed; Three Locals on the List [~ESF~]

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