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EaterWire: Little Skillet Happy Hour, Pena's Dinner Theater

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2009_08_littleskillet.jpgSOMA—Tomorrow (Friday), Little Skillet will host a special happy hour in Ritch Alley that will include the usual Little Skillet chicken, waffles and such, plus drink specials, live music and some bonus street carts. [EaterWire]

'BUCKSWIRE—It only took a year of recession for Starbucks to lower prices for the first time ever (now there's a thought). However, fancy drink prices will actually get higher by as much as a quarter. [Reuters]

NORTH BEACH—There’s a "dinner theater" gimmick at work at Pena Pachamama. Basically, an acting troupe performs four vignettes—centered around coffee, salad, ceviche and chocolate (???)—during dinner. There's no stage, so the actors just meander about the dining room. [SFE]

INDUSTRY—The Wall Street Journal tells a young chef how she can open her own restaurant. The advice? Do homework so you can get a "cash infusion" from friends or family. In other words, all you need is someone to give you a lot of money. [WSJ]

[Photo: Flickr/slowpokesf]