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Fun With Lists: The Various Burger Picks of the Food Media

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Given that a darkhorse in Fish & Farm usurped Spruce to take the top prize in the latest burger list-making endeavor (actually a very strong read), this is as good a time as any to provide an overview of the various picks for the best burger in San Francisco. As the comments have proven, it's a hot topic, and unsurprisingly, there's almost zero consensus among the media:

· 7x7: Fish & Farm

· Michael Bauer: Zuni Cafe

· SF Weekly: Epic Roasthouse

· SF Weekly Readers: Burgermeister

· Serious Eats/Jen Maiser: Spruce

· GQ/Alan Richman: Burger Joint

· Zagat '09: Joe's Cable Car

· Lady Hopstress: Bix

· Travel + Leisure: Burger Joint

· Yelp: Ike's Place and Rosamunde

· Bay Guardian: Hamburger Haven (note: "Best Burger Over 40")

Did we miss a list? Let us know and the survey of surveys will be updated accordingly.

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[Photo: Fish & Farm]