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EaterWire: Manliest Restaurants, Shark Fins, Star Sightings

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THE MISSION—This very moment, there's a poll going on over at AOL (remember AOL?) man-website Asylum to determine the manliest restaurant in the country. San Francisco's only entrant is Zeitgeist, which is currently annihilating its competition. [Asylum via Eater NY]

SAN FRANCISCO—Even though Alice found herself a clue and decided against singing the praises of shark fin soup, the controversial delicacy is still very prevalent in the Bay Area. According to one source, approximately 69 restaurants in SF (allegedly) still have shark fin soup on the menu, which is more than any other US city. [Animal Tourism]

SAN FRANCISCO—Compared to other big cities, celeb restaurant sightings are relatively rare around these parts, but for whatever reason, this week was different. While A-Rod and Kate Hudson hit Epic and RN74, NBC rounds up some Quentin Tarantino sightings, including Philz, Mission Pie and Blue Bottle. [NBC]

THE REALM OF THE RIDICULOUS—Remember how just a few months ago, KFC was doing the whole "healthy grilled chicken" alternative thing? Yeah, nevermind: the chain is now offering a "double down" sandwich that features two fried chicken breasts (instead of bread) that are wrapped around bacon and cheese. [Consumerist]

[Zeitgeist burger window photo: Flickr/bunnyhawk]

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