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Plywood Report: Hecho, Patxi's, Mazu, MORE!

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Welcome back to the Plywood Report, your regular, all-encompassing chronicle of the next generation of restaurants to grace our fair city. Notice something new on your block? Do tell. Bonus points and a free dinner at the city's latest gastropub for including photos.

1) SoMa/FiDi: Not much has been heard from Joseph Manzare on his Hecho endeavor since word first came out about it almost a year ago, so we thought it time to check in on the Stevenson Alley project. A peek behind the stylish plywood reveals the tequila/sushi/robata concept still has a ways to go: the wall infrastructure is still in the making and the interior remains very raw. [PLYWOOD]

2) The Marina: Thanks to a tipster for sharing the state of affairs at the Fillmore Street outpost of Patxi's. The big news is that the exterior looks nearly finished with a fresh paint job and some hot new signage, but as you can see, inside, she's a different story. [PLYWOOD]

3) The Richmond: The old Rohan space is almost ready for its comeback as Mazu, a slightly-different Pan-Asian concept from some of the same owners three newcomers. It's already been delayed a few times, but the latest from Geary is that the Mazu folks are now targeting an opening in two weeks' time. Update: The three partners are as follows: two (Leah Abiol and Kathryn Salamin) were waitresses/bartenders at Rohan once upon a time. The third partner, Kathryn's sister Silma, heads the kitchen. [PLYWOOD]

4) The Fillmore: Finally, a passerby notices a new sign at 1035 Fillmore (near Golden Gate) promising a new business known only as "Fish on Fillmore." Anyone have more info? Will it be a fish shack? A seafood depot? A pet fish store where one can buy those Finding Nemo fish? Inquiring minds want to know. [PLYWOOD]

Hecho: Sushi/Tequila/Robata

185 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94104

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