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The Top 6 Press Release Openers From the Past Week

Unedited and straight from the Inbox:

1) "Phillip Paine is primarily a pigeon farmer, but his interest in breeding practices led to an interest in thoroughbred race horses, and his interest in thoroughbred race horses led to the purchase of a few goats." [Oliveto]

2) "As luck would have it, today's Wednesday video with Rachael Ray in the Dish and Dine exclusive series coincides with her husband John Cusimano's birthday. Happy Birthday, John!" [Rachael Ray something]

3) "Get hurt and stay pure..." [Supperclub]

4) "Would you like to hold in your hands the watch you have been dreaming of for all your life?" [Watch something]

5) "Slip on your fiercest heels and slip into Two E for a refreshing new cocktail, the Gin Gin" [Taj Hotels]

6) "In search of an alternative to styrofoam take-out containers for my Thai restaurant, I researched less environmentally taxing options both on-line and through local suppliers. As much as I wanted to make the switch, the options available were so much more expensive than their styrofoam counterpart, it wasn't feasible for me to do. That is, until I found Biopack." [Biopack]

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