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EaterWire: Healthy SF Supporters, Psycho Donuts Relents

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SAN FRANCISCO—At least two local restaurants are actually going against the tide when it comes to the Golden Gate Restaurant Association's legal fight against the Healthy SF ordinance. According to the SFBG, both Medjool and Zazie have filed "friend of the court briefs" that support the city's side that the Supreme Court should reject the GGRA’s appeal. Related or not, Medjool owner Gus Murad is a noted Gavin pal. [SFBG]

EATER BOOK CLUB—Ladies and gents, as soon you polish off the BruniBook, be advised that pre-orders are now available for This Is Why You're Fat, the book. [EMD]

SOUTH BAY—Following outcry, Campbell's un-PC Psycho Donuts has caved to the pressure and is now singing a different tune. The "bipolar" donut is now the "mood swing" while "massive head trauma" is simply called "headbanger." Also, there are no more straitjackets or padded cell decorations. [NBC] [Photo: Flickr]

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