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Breaking FireWire: Tadich Grill Currently Burning (Update)

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Financial District: Everyone's been atwitter about the FiDi two-alarm fire that has shut down at least one block of California Street, and as it turns out, the fire is centered in the Tadich Grill kitchen. Tadich workers on the scene and folks next door at Perbacco confirm that Tadich is currently (and obviously) closed, but please note that Perbacco is still open for lunch. More fallout and updates as events warrant, but yeah, rough day for the oldest restaurant restaurant in town.
Update 11:55: Now with more photos from the scene.
Update 12:20: Per ABC News, Tadich should be back tomorrow.
Update 12:30: According to the Tadich people, a Tuesday return is a possibility but they'll know for sure tomorrow morning.
Update 1:15: The Chronicle chimes in (better late than never) and asks the really important questions: "Asked what was cooking, [Deputy Fire Chief Pat] Gardner said, 'I don't know. It was ashes by the time we got here.'"
· Fire in the Financial District [SFist]

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