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EaterWire: Free Fernet, In-N-Out Protests, More!

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SANTA ROSA—Quote of the day goes to the Santa Rosa people who are protesting the proposed In-N-Out based on global warming from cars sitting in its drive-through. Says one nutball: "They do produce really good burgers ... But are we going to put eating hamburgers while sitting in our cars over public health and global warming? That's the decision that needs to be made." [PD]

SAN FRANCISCO STREETS—Today in street food silliness: and now there's a banh mi tricycle too? [MM]

NORTH BEACH—According to Broke-Ass Stuart, Columbus Cafe will be pouring free Fernet tomorrow (Thursday) at midnight. [BAS via CBS]

PACIFIC HEIGHTS—Two weeks ago, news broke about the new restaurant by Jeff Banker and wife Lori Baker slated for the Quince space. Tomorrow's Scoop tacks on a few more tidbits, like the concept: "new American, reflecting America as a melting pot, as well as farmers'-market-driven." [Scoop, previously]

SAN FRANCISCO—FYI everyone: it's San Francisco Natural Wine Week. The festivities—see the schedule—are taking place around town and last until Sunday the 30th. [EaterWire]

WALL STREET—In a move that probably doesn't mean much in the long run, OpenTable shareholders may sell 3.3 million shares. Perhaps more significantly, (unconfirmed) word on the street is that OT canceled a follow-on a few weeks ago because their expenses were going to be higher than expected. [AP]

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