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EaterWire: Mission Updates, Perello on TV, Hill Resurfaces

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THE MISSION—Prospective restaurateurs may want to note that according to sources, the high-ceiling, 5,200 foot space right next to Luna Park (680 Valencia) is back on the market. Until recently, it was owned by LP landlord Naveen Singha, who once had plans to open an upscale Indian restaurant. [EaterWire]

SOMAOh dear: "@boccalone tricycle accident outside CHOW offices. Hope he's OK!" [Twitter]

TELEVISION—Tonight, Chris Cosentino and Aaron Sanchez take their Chefs vs. City tour to San Francisco, where they battle with Melissa Perello (Frances) and Anna Wankel. [EaterWire]

NEW YORK—A16's opening chef Christophe Hille hasn't been heard from much around these parts since he left in '06, but today FloFab reports that Hille is following in Appleman's footsteps and is opening a restaurant of his own in New York too. [NYT]