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Much Ado: Wine Bar Drama Leads to "Kiss-In" Protest

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Inner Richmond: Over the weekend, the six-month-old Internos Wine Bar was the scene of an entire "kiss-in" protest. That's the part of this story that is undeniable. The dispute that led up the protest, however, is another issue entirely. As best that can be pieced together from the various sources and the flooded Eater tipline, something happened last Friday night, which ultimately involved the bar ejecting a gay couple from the premises. It goes without saying that no one except the involved parties knows what exactly went down, but the Internos Yelp page is now rife with all kinds of venom, from both sides.

According to the displaced patrons, the bar physically threw them out on the street, with homophobic slurs attached (which, if true: really mean!). On the other hand, the bar—or at least its defendants—claims that there was good reason for ejecting the couple (ones that allegedly included, well, inappropriate public displays of affection), leading to discussions about how harmful these accusations can be ... if untrue.

In this day and age, it's hard to believe an establishment in San Francisco would throw out a gay couple out of simple ignorance, but hey, humanity does continue to amaze, as we've all learned this year. But, as stated earlier, only the involved parties know what really happened. Either way, it's an unfortunate situation all around, so here's hoping cooler—and more importantly, tolerable—heads prevail on all sides.