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Gussie's Chicken & Waffles

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1521 Eddy Street, The Fillmore
Phone: 415-409-2529
Status: Opened this weekend.
A full report of more openings is coming up later today, but after more than a few delays (see below), Gussie's Chicken & Waffles finally made its debut this weekend. Chef/owner Michele Wilson took over the old Powell's Place space on Eddy Street, and as can be surmised from the name, is serving up Southern-style chicken and waffles (bonus: a sample menu can be perused right here, courtesy of Thrillist). The famed Roscoe's of LA is the highlight on her resume, and though the execution is yet to be seen, Gussie's has already become the darling of the town. After all, the formula here—comfort food plus lowish prices (nothing over $16)—is the kind that both SF diners and media get all hyped up on. Now, it's up to Wilson and Co. to live up to the hype. PS: Your move, 1300 on Fillmore.
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