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EaterWire: Riverfront Buzz, Poleng Lunch, More!

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NAPA—With the big trio of Morimoto, Ty-Flo and Lark Creek aboard, the rest of the Napa Riverfront tenants are coming to light too. Other expected businesses are an ice creamery, a North Bay chocolate shop and a "local European-style bike shop and coffee bar." There might also be one more big name yet to come. [NBBJ]

NOPA—Next Tuesday (9/8), Poleng Lounge will start lunch and tea service. All items will be $8, but won't be in the normal Poleng small plates fashion; instead, they will be closer to a quick-service, street food style. A sample menu is online. [EaterWire]

BAY AREA—A local restaurant owner has been sentenced to two weeks in jail and $2,500 fine for hiring and employing illegal workers. He got caught after a slighted worker at another pizzeria told the authorities; prosecutors did drop the felony charges though. [CCT]

'BUCKSWIRE—Mark the calendars: Starbucks' instant coffee will be available in all US stores on September 29th. [Yahoo]

[Photo: Poleng]

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