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Reborn Mayes Oyster House to Include "Global Delicacies"

Polk Gulch: With the resurrection of Mayes Oyster House imminent on Polk Street, the new version of the historic, circa 1867 restaurant has released its menu. Old school fans will be thrilled to know that prices are low(ish) and that many traditional dishes are there: oysters and clams on the half shell, chowder, plateaus and Louis salads. Curiously enough, there's also a great deal of somethings called "global delicacies" like sake shooters, ahi poke, Kobe beef in foie gras sauce (er, just what the Tenderloin needs?) and the like. In other words, the menu reads almost as if Tadich Grill met Pacific Catch, but of course, it remains to see how it will be executed, so you never know. The full menu follows:


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