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EaterWire: Begg at Enrico's, Alice Now Famous in France

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NORTH BEACHLady Hopstress spills the beans on the whereabouts of Ian Begg, the three-star chef last seen at Cafe Majestic. Begg, along with former Majestic GM Ryan Maxey, will be opening a sandwich shop in the little corner space connected to Enrico's (where Enrico's has its takeout operation). Here's a little more info: it's only going to be lunch on weekdays, at least at first, and they're shooting for a debut in two weeks (8/17). A peek inside can be enjoyed in the gallery above. [TH]

FRANCE—Shark fin lover/hater Alice Waters has been awarded the French Legion of Honor, according to Meredith Brody. Supposedly, it's a big deal in France (honest!). Waters joins the elite company of past honorees like Celine Dion, the Harry Potter lady, and Vladimir Putin. [SFW]

HAYES VALLEY—At Citizen Cake, chef William Pilz has departed after spending a good chunk of time at Elizabeth Falkner's flagship. [EaterWire]

THE BALLPARK—Yep, those $8.75 20-ounce beers at Pac Bell Park are lovingly overpriced, but, fun fact, they are the most expensive stadium brew in all of America. By 75 whole cents! [SFist]

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