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The Top 7 Press Release Openers From the Past Week

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Unedited and straight from the Inbox:

1) "What is PLUMPING?" [Say No to Plumping]

2) "Julia Child was leery of nutritionists, but the Weston A. Price Foundation is one nutrition group that speaks her language." [WAP]

3) "Get ready for our San Francisco Summer!!! We made it thru another cold n foggy July. Our heatwave is on it's way." [Les Ladies Night]

4) "Our newest flavor hits the interwebs next weekish, which is fun & grand and we're super stoked, etc. But this newsletter isn't about that." [Lollyphile]

5) "With diverse regions and landscapes, Massachusetts is a natural culinary haven that inspires, delights and encourages unique dining experiences and memories to savor on the taste buds. There is no limit to the culinary opportunities in Massachusetts." [State of MA]

6) "Tyler's Acid Free Coffee is AWESOME!" [Tyler's Coffee]

7) "The Amish have been referred to as plain people, but there is nothing plain about their quilts." [de Young]

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