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EaterWire: Tavern on the Metreon Update, B&J New Name

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SOMA—The big news out of NYC recently is that the Tavern on the Green will be taken out of the LeRoy family's control. What does this mean for the planned San Francisco outpost? In short, the fate of the new Metreon headliner is still very undetermined. Quoth the TOTG CEO: "Our focus is to try to keep this going in a positive direction, whether it’s another New York location, and we very much want to do San Francisco... Obviously there’s a sense of disappointment here." Nothing comes easy for the Metreon. [BT]

GAY RIGHTS—In support for gay marriage, Ben & Jerry's is now calling their Chubby Hubby flavor Hubby Hubby. But what name should they come up with for the lesbian counterpart? Let's hear the ideas. On a semi-related note, have you seen Jamie Lauren's new NOH8 portrait? It's the hotness. [BuzzFeed/Twitter]