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Comebacks: Bayside Space Claimed By Monaghan's Folks

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Cow Hollow: Ever since the popular Bayside suddenly shut down after the Super Bowl over a year and a half ago, things have been very quiet at 1767 Union. But now, despite initial attempts to sell it as an upscale dining spot, the former Bayside has been claimed by Sharon and David Newell, the owners of Monaghan's down on Pierce and Chestnut. The sale isn't final yet, but the restaurant/bar space itself remains an appealing one: ~3600 square feet, full kitchen, lots of windows, plus a prized full liquor license. Given the neighborhood's onetime desire to cull the nightlife buzz, it should be interesting to see if the Newells run into any opposition, even though Union Street is basically bordering on a ghost town lately.
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