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EaterWire: Fieri's Eatery Shuttered, Two Does Lunch Too

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SANTA ROSA—Not that it's a destination restaurant or anything, but the PressDem reports that Guy Fieri's flagship restaurant, Tex Wasabi's, has been forced to close for at least the rest of the month after a water main break demolished the floor. Everyone plan your weekends accordingly. [PD]

PRINT MEDIA—Speaking of Mr. Fieri, not only does the latest issue of Food Network Mag contain a four-page ad of Michael Chiarello shilling for Marie Callender’s frozen pasta, but it also contains one of the most amazing image of Guy Fieri you'll see all this week. [GS]

SOMA—A tipster sends word of a closure down at the entirely-curious space on Second Street: "It was a dismal-looking lunch place, Lunch Box, for about a month (or less), then it was a wine bar/cafe, Castafiore, for a couple of months, and today the Castafiore sign is gone." New storefront signage indicates that it's morphing into an Indian restaurant. [EaterWire]

SOMA—Are things looking up? Aqua is reinstating lunch, and so is Hawthorne Lane's Two. David Gingrass and company will roll out lunch service with the fall season (September 22nd, to be exact), and they're also reopening the back dining room for dinner. [EaterWire]