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EaterWire: Courts Update, Korean in Embarcadero Center

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JUDICIAL SYSTEM—Start the anticipation: on October 5th, the Supreme Court announces which cases it will hear this year, meaning a decision will finally be forthcoming on the Golden Gate Restaurant Association's legal action against health care. But the Supreme Court normally hears only 5% of the proposed cases, so it could be a long shot. [SFE]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—A tipster reports that the Starbucks location at Sutter and Market is doneski. Godspeed, stale pastries and weird smoothies that no one ever bought. [EaterWire]

THE MISSION—A passerby sends along the pictured special at Panchita's #3: free pupusas for anyone who friends the restaurant on Facebook. (La Mar is doing something similar too.) [EaterWire]

EMBARCADERO CENTER—On the Justin Herman Plaza side of Embarcadero Center, something called Stone will be opening soon: "Stone will not only be SF's newest Korean restaurant, we will also be the 1st Korean restaurant within the Embarcadero Center. We plan on opening in October 2009." [CL]