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One of These Restaurants Is Unlike the Others

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Above, a tipster points us to the recent restaurant health inspections that fall in the tepid 60 range, and unfortunately, Beach Chalet's latest inspection didn't go too swimmingly. To give the scoring system some context, very few serious and/or upscale restaurants—let alone historic ones—boast scores below 90, so when a sprawling, popular mega-eatery like the Beach Chalet gets relegated to the meager score range usually reserved for Chinatown holes-in-the-wall and other humble operations, it's worth highlighting (though Namu, you're not entirely excused either).

Inspection type: Routine

003 (CFR) Improper Hot/cold holding temperatures
009 (CFR) Food Contact surfaces not clean/sanitized
016 (CFR) Lack of Food safety knowledge: no food safety certification
045 (CFR) Improper Storage: Equipment. Utensils, Linens
047 (CFR) Inadequate Ventilation/Lighting
050 (CFR) Improper or Defective plumbing/No backflow devices/Improper connections

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