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Fall Tracking: Quince, First Look

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2007_09_efp.jpgQuince, 470 Pacific Avenue
Initial Projection: May
Current Projection: October 1st

The Tusks' Octavia farewell countdown is now in its final week, and with Labor Day come and gone, it's time to kick off Eater SF's Fall Tracking Season with a sneak peek of one of the autumnal heavyweights in Quince. The Tusks have set a date for their debut in the old Myth space, and, fact, are taking reservations for the bigger and bolder Quince right this second, so even though the space is still in midst of coming together (see above for the first look inside), three weeks out, an on-time arrival is looking like a very strong possibility.

By this point, most of the Quince/Myth details are familiar: David Lynch is doing the wine, William Werner is handling desserts, and of course, Michael Tusk is running the kitchen. While Quince comes together the other hand, Cotogna—the more casual, "rustified" cafe next door on the corner (the old Myth Cafe)—is still a work in progress, as can be seen above. Official word out of the Tusk camp is that the Cotogna opening will follow the main event's debut "in a few months."
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