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The Top 5 Press Release Openers From the Past Week

Unedited and straight from the Inbox:

1) "Fine meals are now available in an ideal location. Those who want a waterfront restaurant in San Francisco can eat at Hanger Steak at the Marriott San Francisco Airport." [SF Marriot]

2)"They say you can’t buy your friends, though a new service from an Internet-based social media marketing company is about to prove that old adage incorrect." [uSocial]

3)"On a sultry summer night in San Francisco, Infusion Lounge welcomed 500 glamorous guests to its first annual "Signature" event. The limousines stretched around the block as celebrities, socialites, and shining lights from Media, Music, and Entertainment streamed into the exotic subterranean nightclub in Union Square." [IL]

4)"Hansen’s Natural Soda would like to quench your reader’s thirst for a little extra green right now" [Hansen's]

5) "September is National Cholesterol Education Month, when government officials will stress cholesterol reduction as a top priority, claiming that “high levels of cholesterol significantly increase the risk of heart disease.” However, the Weston A. Price Foundation, a nonprofit nutrition education organization, urges citizens to celebrate September by learning about the vital roles of cholesterol in the body chemistry and by embracing nutrient-dense, cholesterol-rich foods." [Cholesterol Lobby?]