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EaterWire: Ripert/Kinch Lovefest, Dive Bar Exposes, More!

Have a juicy tidbit for EaterWire? Toss it in the tip jar, please.

2009_09_ripperbeach.jpgTHE PACIFIC OCEAN—In the second episode of Avec Eric (re-airing on KQED Friday and Saturday), Eric Ripert—or as Eat Me Daily has brilliantly dubbed him, the real-life version of the Most Interesting Man in the World—goes to Los Gatos, where he visits his buddy David Kinch, who just happens to be surfing! And then they wave to each other! Aw. [EMD]

THE METREON—Over the weekend, the Chron dedicated several hundred words to the future of the Tavern on the Green's SF location, only to come to the same conclusion of last week: the LeRoys haven't said anything about the San Francisco project yet, but it doesn't look good. [Chron, previously]

LISTS—A British publication explores the dive bars of San Francisco. As luck would have it, the list isn't half-bad and includes the following dens of divery: Clooney's, Silver Crest, Tee-Off, Trad'r Sam, Li Po, The Saloon, Aunt Charlie's, Ha-Ra and The Attic. Thoughts? Complaints? [Guardian]