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EaterWire: Moulin Sans Rouge, Herbivore Trickery, More!

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TENDERLOIN—The Appeal reports that the Paris' famed Moulin Rouge (the one with Nicole Kidman) actually told the Tenderloin's modest Moulin Rouge to change its name, so now the eatery with over 30 years under its belt is simply called Moulin. But the owner says everyone still likes it: "All the boys and girls and the boy-girls in the neighborhood still love us, they're still coming." [SFA]

WESTERN ADDITION—Freeloaders, take note: Poleng Lounge has extended its free lunch campaign all the way through Saturday. [SFW, previously]

TV WATCH—Eat Me Daily hears that a production company "is reportedly looking to develop a View-like mom-centered morning show with Paula Deen and Kate Gosselin." Sweet mercy. [EMD via ENY]

THE MISSION—Someone notices that the two soups at Herbivore have the exact same ingredients listed on the menu, albeit in a different order and with "distracting line breaks." They supposedly taste different though. Sneaky vegetarians. [MM]

METREON—Burritoeater points out that Luna Azul has added kimchi as an option on its Mexican menu. [Burritoeater via Grub Street]

OUTER MISSION—A few weeks back, the various burger picks of the media were listed out. A Hamburger Today's Adam Kuban filmed a segment on The Martha Stewart Show earlier today, and as part of the prep, he had to have his cross-country burger picks at the ready. His two non-New York picks included a Kansas joint ... and SF's very own Joe's Cable Car. [AHT]

[Photo: SF Appeal]

Joe's Cable Car

4320 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94112 415 334 6699