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Spotted: Kezar's Owner Will Break Your Legs, Lakers Fans

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Photo: Flickr/chrisstreeter

The Haight: The problem with being one of the best sports bars in San Francisco—which Kezar Pub is—is that sometimes, it attracts the riffraff. And sometimes, that riffraff is from rival Los Angeles. And sometimes, said SoCal riffraff decides to mar Kezar's bathrooms with writing utensils, prompting the owner (CYRIL) to post a rather angry warning to would-be taggers. We just can't decide if the best part is the non sequitur designation of Lakers fan, the various uses of parentheses, or simply the font size trick at the end. Still, even though it's unclear when this went up, wearing Lakers gear to Kezar might not be the best idea, lest a case of mistaken identity leads to broken legs.