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Fun With Lists: Alice's Spawn Publishes Her Local Picks

It's flown under the radar for the most part, but Fanny Singer—probably better known at this point in her career as the daughter of one Alice Waters—has become the regular Bay Area correspondent for Gourmet. So far, she's mostly penned cursory reviews on the likes of Saison ("the consummate San Francisco fine dining experience" but being the offspring of AW: "few vegetables, lots of butter") and RN74 (where she had a "fussy preparation of foie gras"), but for the October issue, Singer unveils a fuller piece in which she expounds upon her ten favorite Bay Area food destinations. You know, for when she's not eating at Chez Panisse.

The picks aren't particularly revelatory, as any frequent visitor to Chowhound (or gasp, Yelp) will tell you, but nonetheless, it's a respectable cross-section of Bay Area dining:

Vik’s Chaat Corner, Bakesale Betty ("hyped to high heaven, and rightly so"), Pizzeria Delfina, Contigo, Pagolac, Eiji, Tortas Los Picudos ("If California had a mascot sandwich, it would be the Mexican torta"), Poc-Chuc and at the Ferry Building, the Primavera stall and Prather Ranch Meat.
The article's title (below) is especially enjoyable, as is the designation of a state mascot sandwich. More things should have mascot sandwiches. Rachael Ray's would be a hoagie.
· Fanny Singer’s Bay Area Picks [Gourmet]
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