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Rumormongering: Chicago's Rick Tramonto Headed West?

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Monterey: Superstar chef/mad scientist Rick Tramonto is considering opening his first restaurant outside of Chicago. Per the Monterey Herald, the lauded Tramonto—probably best known for Tru—is rumored to be working on a restaurant deal with David Bernahl and Rob Weakley, the guys behind the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival and Coastal Luxury Management. If it comes to fruition, it would be the first restaurant venture for CLM and would be situated in the historic Monterey building that housed Stokes Restaurant.

But according to Tramonto himself, it's not a done deal yet and must be relegated to the rumor mill, for now. But in no way whatsoever does that mean it's not going to happen, as he notes that they "do not have any deals in place as of yet." In other words, there's something in the works. Something still unfinished, but something. Get excited.
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