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1910 Fillmore Street, Pacific Heights
Phone: 415-674-6876
Status: Opened last night.
For all the froyo purveyors that have popped up around the city in the last two years, there's been a dearth of "heavyweights," with both Pinkberry and Red Mango instead opting (or in some cases, being forced to opt) for locations outside San Francisco proper. But Fraiche, now open next door to Woodhouse Fish Co. on Fillmore, is a different matter. The yogurt shop has amassed a cult following down at its Palo Alto flagship, offering both fresh and frozen yogurt, all made in-house from scratch. For now, Fraiche is open from 11am to 11pm (12am on weekends), and come 9/28, it will be open at 7am (8am on weekend) for the breakfast crowd.
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